Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wacky Rally 2015 - Barmy to Barcelona!

Wacky Rally - Barmy to Barcelona 2015

Over the past couple of weeks Excel Colour Print have been rushed off their feet designing vehicle graphics for this years Wacky Rally race! The Wacky Rally race is an event that happens every year! A collection of vehicles that are below £300 have been jazzed up and made to look unique and imaginative. 
The Wacky Rally Race is for anyone and everyone, from company directors, city workers, policemen and women, housewives, couples and builders to shelf stackers, unemployed, blue chip management, firemen, armed forces, nurses.... the list is endless. This is just a bit of fun for people who are wanting to get involved! The whole idea of the Wacky Rally Race is to have a bit of fun and see how fair your old and used car can push itself! 
The team here at Excel Colour Print really enjoyed working on these cars as they were a bit of fun for every one, from designing to printing.

We hope to be involved in The Wacky Rally Race next year!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Forgotten skills in print!

Forgotten skills in print 

When working in print, you seem to find out pretty fast that every little job that is created is done by an electrical machine. However you can not always rely on electronic machines to do a perfect job.
That's why here at Excel Colour Print we like to make sure you have the perfect experience. So we try to do everything as accurate as we can! 

Our employee Elaine is one of few who still hand cut manually. This technique is very unique since technology has expanded. 
Hand cutting isn't easy, you have to have very good concentration and make sure you know all the safety rules when doing so, however it can be done.

What if the machine you usually use to cut is having difficulties working, you have to make sure you always have a back up plan, without this back up plan your jobs will be put on hold.

Hand cutting is the best solution for when a machine breaks, you can't just stop your whole day because 1 of the machines is having difficulties, working in the print industry now a days hand cutting is very uncommon! 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Excel Colour Print Proudly Sponsor Helen Barnes - 100 Eskimo rolls in 223 seconds.

Excel Colour Print Proudly Sponsor Helen Barnes - 100 Eskimo rolls in 223 seconds  


Excel Colour Print are proud to announce that we sponsored the lovely Helen Barnes for her third Guinness World Record award. Holding three Guinness World Records for her amazing ability to do ‘eskimo rolls’ in a canoe. 
After Helen's third attempt to break the World Record to do 100 Eskimo rolls in the fastest time, Helen smashed the current world record and overtook the record set by Andrea Colombo, who held the record at 33 rolls. back in 2013. It’s a very tough record to beat. But guess what, SHE DID IT!
Helen broke the world record on the 18th of September 2014 at David Lloyd Leisure in West Bridgford! A lot of fans were there to support her during this event.
The event was filmed by the BBC also, here is a clip of the event happening in action for Helen's record attempt, here at Excel Colour Print we designed and fitted vinyl graphics  for her Porsche Boxster kindly supplied by Porsche of Leicester

Our design team spent a lot of time designing the canoe and promotional decals on the sides of the Porsche. However this was not an easy project for our design team as canoes are a very difficult shape, the canoe design was expected to preform in water. We also designed and vinyl wrapped her canoe that she used for the event.  You can see the Porsche and the canoe on our gallery by clicking on the link below or visit Helen Barnes' website. 
We were overwhelmed that Helen chose Excel Colour Print to design and wrap both her car and canoe for her. Our team were thrilled for her that she was able to achieve this World Record for the third time.

Helen Barnes' comments about Excel Colour Print -

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me for the world has been so nice working with you. Porsche Leicester loved the graphics so much they're leaving them on for a bit!!!! and the canoe design was amazing!!
Thanks again...has been a real pleasure working with you.Helen x" 
Here at Excel Colour Print our have designed and wrapped a lot of water sports equipment from canoes to kayaks. Our team have worked with Pyranha as it is a similar industry we have wrapped most of their kayaks that they sell/use. Piranha Graphics are very popular here at Excel. After Pyranha selling the Kayaks we wrapped we have had a mention on our Instagram page from the customer:  

"New Kayak fully outfitted and ready for Stakeout, big thanks to @pyranhauk and @excelcolourprint! Especially to Rich Brannigan and Pez for building this masterpiece! SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT! #shiny #new #spoilt #britishengineering #kayaking

What a project!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Vehicle Advertising Tips!

Vehicle Advertising Tips

Vehicle Advertising is powerful. It is cost effective. It reaches thousands of people daily. It can easily be changed.

Vehicle advertisements can help grow brand awareness up to 10 times more than any other advertising medium. Vehicle Wrap advertising on its own has been proven to develop a response from as much as 91% of its targeted audience. It is clear why so many businesses are selecting full or part vehicle wraps as one of their main ways of marketing, to help increase their brand awareness. However, not all businesses  are using this effective way of advertising. Remember your vehicle advertises your products or services 24 hours a day 365 days a year and reaches thousands of people. It is the most cost effective form of national advertising. So make sure you choose a reputable company that can give you great branding and design advice alongside the correct choice of materials, most suited to your vehicle and its design.

Much cheaper than other national advertising, car or van livery can easily be changed to keep up with your evolving business needs.

Our tip is to make your message clear and simple and don’t make lots of offers simultaneously. Stick to your main message or USP that you want people to remember you by and make sure your contact details are highly visible. Also don’t make your background image too engaging that people forget the message and only remember the image. Vehicles are seen for seconds, unless they are parked, so the design and the message has to be clear and people have to “get it” straight away.

  •  Make sure your text is large and bold so consumers are able to see it and make the message  clear
  •  Use simple fonts that are easy to read. 
  •  Make your designs are eye catching and engaging.
  •  Remember cheap isn’t good and good is rarely cheap!

If you have any other tips, leave comments below -