Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Forgotten skills in print!

Forgotten skills in print 

When working in print, you seem to find out pretty fast that every little job that is created is done by an electrical machine. However you can not always rely on electronic machines to do a perfect job.
That's why here at Excel Colour Print we like to make sure you have the perfect experience. So we try to do everything as accurate as we can! 

Our employee Elaine is one of few who still hand cut manually. This technique is very unique since technology has expanded. 
Hand cutting isn't easy, you have to have very good concentration and make sure you know all the safety rules when doing so, however it can be done.

What if the machine you usually use to cut is having difficulties working, you have to make sure you always have a back up plan, without this back up plan your jobs will be put on hold.

Hand cutting is the best solution for when a machine breaks, you can't just stop your whole day because 1 of the machines is having difficulties, working in the print industry now a days hand cutting is very uncommon! 

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